Greenfield Apple Box Factory is a small family run business that prides themselves in fine quality craftsmanship.  We are located in the small town of Greenfield NH.  Greenfield apple box factory designs and builds custom wooden boxes.  These boxes can be constructed in a variety of sizes.  Each box is constructed with white pine  The white pine is sawn on site with a band  sawmill and then air dried, or to speed the drying process the wood can be placed in a kiln.  The bushel box is an industry standard size 11 x 13 x 19 inches.  The ends are 3/4 inch thick for ease of stacking.  All joints are stapled with 1 inch ΒΌ crown staples and also glued with a water resistant glue that is FDA approved for indirect contact with food.  The design and assembly process results in a study, durable  product.

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