New style bushel apple box now for sale!!!  Call for pricing!!!!  Same dimensions as other style(19x13x11)

Here is a picture of a pick-ur-own tray we are designing.  This is a prototype and will be refined further.  If you have any interest in this tray contact us.  We will be making this for quarts and pints. 

 We are now building top bar honey bee hives.  Hives are made out of white pine.  They have a observation window and a bottom board on hinges to seal the botom up during cold weather.  Built on pressure treated legs.

Six quart pick your own berry trays.  They have a center handle and are stackable.  I painted a few.

Interlocking and stackable half bushel trays 

Strawberry trays that hold 8 quarts and are stackable and interlocking. 

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